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Every season is good to visit our territory, the most famous Tuscan hill area of ​​the world is full of picturesque landscapes and beautiful cities of art.

Our sceneries are postcard-like: vineyards, flowering trees, green meadows and cypress trees that give shade to old stone-made houses. A real show! Without forgetting that the hills of Val d’Era and Val di Cecina, like the foreigners who fell in love and visit it assiduously, are used to call it, they offer medieval villages, ancient manors and fairytale abbeys.

Volterra and our Hotel is at the center of everything. From here you can easily reach any destination!

9 km


Surrounded by two defensive walls, one Etruscan and the other medieval, it is one of the most important centers of Tuscany for its monuments that bear witness to 3000 years of civilization and for the artisan processing of alabaster. Volterra is not yet touched by the
stress of contemporary life and the visitors who come to visit it have the immediate impression of entering the past.

23 km

San Gimignano

Arriving from anywhere, its numerous medieval towers are clearly visible, even today there are thirteen, it is said that in the fourteenth century there were 72 towers, at least one for each wealthy family. Amazement continues when you pass one of the city gates and walk along the silent streets flanked by ancient buildings.

40 km


A few kilometers away from our hotel it is possible to reach the so-called "sea of Volterra" from Vada, passing through Bibbona and Cecina. Do not miss the vast coastal pine forests and the beautiful free beaches. For those who want to have fun, Cecina has a water park full of interesting games.

50 km


Siena has always attracted many tourists for its splendid monuments and for its numerous masterpieces to be visited in museums. Famous for the most awaited event from the Sienese districts, the "Palio", a tradition begun in 1644 and never interrupted, takes place twice a year on 2 July and 16 August and is a real challenge between horses andjockeys of enemy regions.

64 km


Famous and ancient maritime republic, it is located a few kilometers from the Tyrrhenian coast and extends along the banks of the Arno river. Famous for the "Leaning Tower", a monument discussed and known as one of the seven wonders of the world. Capital of the province of Tuscany and archiepiscopal see, today it is above all a university town.

72 km


This city is rich in monuments, historic buildings, galleries and museums, it expresses all the splendor of its ancient civilization. Its world famous walk along the monuments, up to the wonderful Ponte Vecchio is lined with very characteristic goldsmith shops. Florence is
the economic center of the whole of Tuscany and is its capital.

80 km


Lucca is enclosed in its large sixteenth-century walls, built to defend the city, which feared the expansionist thrusts of the Medici policy. The walls are interrupted by 11 bulwarks and three access doors. Today it is possible to take long walks on the walls passing by the
tree-lined avenue; they offer interesting views of the city.

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