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Winter can be rather cold and chilly in Volterra especially when the strong northerly winds bluster through and yet when the sun shines it can be really rather pleasant.

It rarely snows but when it does it creates an astoundingly magical aura both in town and the surrounding countryside enhanced by a veil of white.

Winter is an explicit invitation to experience Tuscany in a completely different light, a favourable time to enjoy seasonal culinary delights, to take pleasure in and pay homage to the subdued wintry landscape.

It is during the quiet cold season with fewer visitors that Volterra reveals its true identity and authentic integrity and provides an opening to venture into the everyday life of the local inhabitants as you have a drink in the bars and take part in local events.


New Year’s Eve
celebrations in
the Piazza dei Priori

December - March

Urbex, Visiting


A Walk
in the


Dinners and lunches
at Molino d'Era

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Events in our city

Organize your trip! In addition to knowing the history of our city, discover all the events of the city of volterra. There are so many entertainments that are waiting for you, for couples and families as well!

Calendar of Events

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