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Any time of the year is a good time to come and stay in Volterra. No matter how often you have come here there is always something new to discover on any level whether it be art, culture, food and wine, the countryside or the panoramic views.

Autumn is a particularly beautiful season for the sunlight bathes the countryside in a golden hue and everyone is much more relaxed after the busy high season.

A good reason to book a weekend getaway to explore the local villages and towns, the undulating hills and enjoy the excellent cuisine and fine wines.

There are fewer events in Volterra as compared to the summer months for this is the time of year when Volterra dedicates more time to art, culture and well being.

Volterra is so enchanting and captivating!

September - December

Feast of San Luca
patron saint of
the alabaster artisans


dedicated to
Cultural Events


Volterra Gusto
Food Fair
White Truffles


San Gimignano


Christmas Lights
and Christmas

Download App Volterra

Planning your trip should be simple and fun with Volterra App for Android and iOS. It’s free! A ready at hand guide on your mobile, with useful suggestions and information on what to do, what to see, where to eat, showing you the route to reach the various locations and attractions, based on where you are at the moment.

Eventi in città

Organize your trip! In addition to knowing the history of our city, discover all the events of the city of volterra. There are so many entertainments that are waiting for you, for couples and families as well!

Calendar of Events

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